We’re living in a digital world. If Democrats and progressives want to have a competitive advantage — and win up and down the ballot — we have to drive the online narrative.

We are reinventing online advertising for Democrats and progressive organizations to do just that. We’re a full-service advertising agency, an award-winning team of strategists, creatives and technical experts, making compelling and innovative digital programs that build a lasting connection with voters.


The speed to get
there first

Messaging battles are won or lost through a series of micro-moments. We move with unmatched speed to take control of your narrative. And we’ll do anything to gain that edge.

Tactics that activate people

We know exactly what motivates people to take online and offline actions. From building a list, to asking for donations, to registering voters and getting people to the polls -- we’ve pioneered the tactics that convert people.

Digital-first content so your narrative sticks

Voters tune out anything that looks like a political ad online -- they want content that reflects their world. We specialize in producing authentic, attention-grabbing creative that cuts through the noise to drive your narrative home.

Targeting that connects with people

Deciding budgets strictly by percentages is out. Allocating spend to the channels people are viewing is in. Our team of planners and buyers knows exactly how to identify, target and surround the voters you need to reach.

Data-driven decisions, not hunches

Testing and data are part of our bloodstream. We’ve built a suite of proprietary tools that are constantly monitoring every click, donation, and signup to turn data into actionable insights -- and give you the upper hand. We’re always looking for what’s next.


In the 2018 election cycle alone, we registered, persuaded and mobilized voters through digital advertising in 120 races nationwide and helped elect 85 Democrats at every level of politics — including 3 U.S. Senators, 44 Congressional challengers and incumbents, and 38 state and local candidates.