October 31, 2019

Banning Political Ads Online: A Giant Gift to the Republican Party

Narrative highlights the disproportionate negative impact that banning online political advertising would have on Democrats

In response to the news of Twitter ending all political and issue advertising and the conversation about what the impact would be if Facebook and Google followed suit, Narrative’s Greg Berlin issued the following statement:

“If Facebook and Google banned political advertising there would be massive upheaval in the political process, disproportionately and negatively impacting Democratic and progressive campaigns.

So many of the voters Democrats need to communicate with reside in underserved and minority communities. These voters, often living in households without a TV, rely heavily on smartphones and digital platforms, such as Facebook and Google, to consume news and information. Any loss in tools to effectively reach these communities will inevitably impact the political process and put Democrats at a competitive disadvantage.

Equally alarming is the impact that banning online political advertising would have on how our elections are funded. Grassroots digital fundraising has become the backbone of Democratic and progressive campaigns over the past decade. While many Republicans have indeed taken up online fundraising, Republican campaigns continue to profoundly rely on high-dollar donors and dark money groups to fund and support their elections. Democratic campaigns would be severely and disproportionately affected by a ban on digital advertising because we rely so heavily on grassroots donors reached via online channels. There is no doubt: a ban on political ads would be a giant gift to the GOP.”

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